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*** is a disk storage database and an internet community dedicated to collecting accurate and accurate information on every video game ever published on optical media of any system. The goal is to create data projects on console disks and PC games. also provides guides to ensure that dumps are performed correctly. Website users who follow the guides correctly are encouraged to share their results to help build the database. More game dumps with the same serial number are collected from different people to ensure that the same results are collected, which help correct any incorrect dump in the database and help to recognize alternative versions of the same game.

Here at your available ISO PS1 (from the project ***) divided by region:

Versions NTSC-JAP [Collection from 845 GB] (Last Update Torrent : 02/10/2017) : --->!80UinAxI!p0LJw7fox4JNH2HwzZPBjR0JkA_dXBjHR4H-tjIeDbY

Versions NTSC-USA [Collection from 472 GB] (Last Update Torrent : 02/10/2017) --->!wt0FgYwb!_B4M0UUwxRLtCXxLMQ0-XJN_XaVKc-BPqKnSwg3RxGY

Versions PAL-EUROPE [Collection from 842 GB] (Last Update Torrent : 02/10/2017) --->!h90QGAbI!3mAuiXu9wKSmyYvN-fD-HhIUUmMnIehHHajJFnBNMPk

Collection of manuals PSX :!45NjTZSB!EBOBPWzlWdtdXCyeubI7BFivg93zYtXKlIkSm6N0zZs

Redump legend :

SHA1, MD5, SFV: File check / integrity

Cuesheet : Description / number of individual tracks on a CD or DVD based on their subdivision

SBI subchannels : Archives containing the protection information for some games, file necessary if the emulator is used.
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no abran el link, te hackea el instagram y dsp se coge a todas tus minitas.